What gives a unique feeling for the constant pedalling is the pulse of the city, the traffic, the ever-changing weather, the constant rush and the freedom. This is not just about the fixed gear, the speed, the skidding or the never ending learning. This is about us: the people, who fell in love with something.

Maybe, because of you guys, I bought my first fixed gear bike... And my fuckin boring life became an adventure... For me, Fixed Broz you are more than a play-group. You are a motivation, you are a goal. – Tri Rifianto, Indonesia



The connection is cycling. 5 buddies, who have been riding the streets of Budapest for years. Friends who want to offer something extra for fixed gear riders.


An ever-growing community is now following our lives. People who think life is better on a fixie.


The amount of tyre-trace we leave on the tarmac per year.


Work with us

  • Testing
    We have been riding for years now. During this time we collected a lot of experience and have been trying out different bike components and combinations. If you...
  • Sponsorship
    Sponsoring Fixed Broz provides an effective and unique opportunity for advertising. Our professional photo and video team creates premium quality content that could improve the appearance of your...
  • Partnership
    Whether shooting a commercial or creating a new product, either individually or in a group we are open to ideas. We use our enthusiasm and knowledge to make...



  • Subike handmade frameset
    I’m sure we’ve all dreamt of a frame-set with a geometry of our liking. Subike reached out for our collaboration, which we’ve accepted gratefully....
  • Hungarian review – Body Geometry fit
    Azt hiszem mindannyian egyetértünk abban, hogy fixizni az egyik legjobb dolog a világon. Sokan sok félék vagyunk és sok féle képpen használjuk a kétkerekűnket,...
  • Bagaboo Bagatoe strap
    If you are a cool, hipster dude who want to ride a fixie while wearing trendy trainers, or if you don’t like clipless pedalling,...
  • Gebhardt Klasic
    Most of you certainly haven't heard of the Gebhardt brand. They are a Czech company dealing bikes since 1991, and among many other products,Gebhardt...



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