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Subike handmade frameset

I’m sure we’ve all dreamt of a frame-set with a geometry of our liking. Subike reached out for our collaboration, which we’ve accepted gratefully. After a couple of meetings, we’ve agreed on creating an old-school, track-frame with a unique geometry specifically tailored for Robert. Dani Suba, the founder of Subike, learned the tricks of frame-building…
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Hungarian review – Body Geometry fit

Azt hiszem mindannyian egyetértünk abban, hogy fixizni az egyik legjobb dolog a világon. Sokan sok félék vagyunk és sok féle képpen használjuk a kétkerekűnket, van aki csak a városban tesz vele pár kört és van aki gyakran teker vele 100 kilóméter feletti távokat. Fixis létünk során sok dolgot tapasztalunk meg saját bőrünkön/pénztárcánkon, legyen az egy…
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Bagaboo Bagatoe strap

If you are a cool, hipster dude who want to ride a fixie while wearing trendy trainers, or if you don’t like clipless pedalling, this strap is the best choice to keep your feet securely attached to the pedal. The straps remains secure even under heavy pressure like skid-stopping, sprinting or climbing out of the…
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Gebhardt Klasic

Most of you certainly haven't heard of the Gebhardt brand. They are a Czech company dealing bikes since 1991, and among many other products,Gebhardt also manufactures chainrings. The Klasic chainring was tested by Gábor on his Fuji bike set at 3,12 ratio. The chainring is available in several BCD’s and with a variety of teeth.…
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