Bagaboo Bagatoe strap

If you are a cool, hipster dude who want to ride a fixie while wearing trendy trainers, or if you don’t like clipless pedalling, this strap is the best choice to keep your feet securely attached to the pedal. The straps remains secure even under heavy pressure like skid-stopping, sprinting or climbing out of the saddle. Bagatoe pedal straps are made of durable 2" nylon seatbelt webbing, combined with a CORDURA® outer layer, giving you the option to customise the colour of your own individual pedal strap.


The strap is tough enough for freestyle tricks but equally comfortable during the morning commute. The straps have been tested on Róbert’s Csepel Royal steel Fixie, but all of us used them before switching to permanent clips, or while practicing tricks. Fitting the straps is really simple, all you need to do is to clean or wipe your pedal surface, insert the straps between the gaps on the pedal and adjust it to your foot.


(A word of warning: the edges’ of the gaps on a metal pedal are often sharp. It is a good idea to file them lightly before using the strap to prevent the pedal cutting into the material.) Putting your feet through the strap might seem difficult for first, but this is normal - the strap needs a bit of time to soften and adjust to the shape of your shoes. Make sure you pull the strap tight! You will feel the difference immediately between straps and toe clips when you skid... amazing! The straps are very comfortable to use, they hold your feet secure, and don’t rub on your shoes.

-Great design: available in many colours, could be customised by putting on your own logo
-High quality materials and good finish
-Easy to fit and adjust
-Strong, really strong even for skidding!
-Long lasting

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