Gebhardt Klasic

Most of you certainly haven't heard of the Gebhardt brand. They are a Czech company dealing bikes since 1991, and among many other products,Gebhardt also manufactures chainrings. The Klasic chainring was tested by Gábor on his Fuji bike set at 3,12 ratio. The chainring is available in several BCD’s and with a variety of teeth. For the test, Gábor chose a 144 BCD 53T ecru coloured chainring.

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This is not particularly a fixie chainring, but can be used on a fixie without a problem. It is made of 2024 Dura Aluminium that can take huge loads and highly abrasion-resistant. As the name implies, it is a classic piece in every sense. It is incredibly light, a 53tooth chainring weighs only 90 grams, which certainly satisfies the dreams of every weight geek. The ring can be used with a 3/32” chain, but Gábor used it with a ⅛” one.


Since the chainring is only 3,5 mm thick, Gábor was not entirely convinced if it can take the load, but after setting up the bike and during everyday usage, his concerns vanished. The ring retained its shape of a perfect circle; there was no tight or slack point in the chain. No adjustments were needed during the set-up, which is a great advantage, as none of the chains in this price category come off-centered. Following the test-rides in the city, it underwent hill-bombing tests as well as handled huge skids (starting from 65 km/h) easily.The chain ran in perfect silence the whole time. Thanks to the harsh Hungarian winter, it was exposed to a significant amount of mud and water, and despite its non-stop usage for several months, it didn’t show any signs of abrasion.

fixed gear, fixed broz, fixie, fixed, broz, trackbike, singlespeed, ride, riding, gebhardt, klasik, classic, 53T, chainring, review, test

On the whole, from our point of view, it is a good brand and an excellent quality/price ratio product, which suits very well for every-day use. The only thing one should be aware of, in the case of such light and thin chainring, is the perfectly straight chainline! If you cannot live with it, or you are a hardcore rider, there is nothing to worry about as Gebhardt also manufactures track chainrings in the size of ⅛”, which can certainly satisfy every demand while preserving the high standard of the brand.

The product was offered to us by FXD and by the Fish cyclestore.

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