Subike handmade frameset

I’m sure we’ve all dreamt of a frame-set with a geometry of our liking. Subike reached out for our collaboration, which we’ve accepted gratefully. After a couple of meetings, we’ve agreed on creating an old-school, track-frame with a unique geometry specifically tailored for Robert.

subike - work in progress

Dani Suba, the founder of Subike, learned the tricks of frame-building while abroad and as soon as he returned to Hungary, he began to experiment with welding, creating unique frames and accessories. Fixie and single-speed bikes emerged as a result of his handiwork, all of which were made without the use of extra tools or machinery wherever it was possible.

subike - work in progress

For the frameset he used Colombus Zona, a double butted, 25CrMo4 stainless steel piping, with the tube thickness of 0.5 mm in the middle, and 0.7 mm at its ends, except for the fork which is a solid 0.8 mm. While the chain stays are oval in cross-section, the rest of the tubes are round.

The tubes were put together with the so-called fillet-brazing process which, following the grinding and polishing results in a very strong, but smooth bond at the joints.

subike - fillet brazing

The frame is English bottom bracketed, and fits a 1” threaded headset.

The measurements of the frame (c-c):

  • Top tube: 565.5mm
  • Down tube: 606.5mm
  • Head tube: 183.5mm
  • Seat tube: 567mm
  • Chain Stay: 378mm
  • Wheelbase: 950mm
  • Distance between the middle-part and the ground: 300mm

The frame has an integral seat clamp.

For the wheels, the front has a 23mm, and the back just about fits a 25mm wide wheel.

So after the laying out the data let’s see our experiences. We used it for 6 months: The aesthetics are wonderful, the gaps are as small as they can be. Upon creating the frame, the goal was to fit Robi’s riding style, so even in a comfortable position, using a 165mm crank arm, the feet should have very tiny access for the wheel’s turning radius. Thanks to Dani’s experience, the geometry was on point, so it was comfortable to ride right from the beginning. The back of the frame is pretty rigid, thus it handles the greatest skids with ease.

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The front wheel is so close to the down tube, even in a standing place, that you’d think it would touch, but this is not the case. The fork is constructed in a way that is only allowed to move as much as not to cause any friction, even when hitting the largest of potholes or doing the jumps. In conclusion, the frame by Subike is something anyone can be fully satisfied with, without making any compromises. It’s comfortable, durable, looks amazing and great to ride.

subike - in use

And just one more thing, it’s really special, when you realise that you own a frame of which only one exists, made entirely by hand. So, our team and Dani created something special, and fucking amazing! Now, if you excuse me, it’s time to go and ride some more…

If you are interested, pictures of how the frame was built can be found on our website and on the FixedBroz Facebook page.

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