My name is Gábor Rajnai, I was born in Budapest in 1992. I had a passion for cycling since my early childhood which turned into the love of my life in later years. After several years of commuter cycling, I tried my brother’s fixie. The wonderful feeling carried me away at once and a week after I put together my first rat-fixie, which was followed by several other constructions. In 2012, I founded the Fixed Broz and with the members of the team we are keen to promote this lifestyle. Since the foundation of Fixed Broz I have been working on creating an urban /fixie brand aiming to satisfy every demand, based on our years-long experience. I am the team’s executive head and graphic designer. I lived in the city centre since I was born and it is in its traffic where I feel myself at home the most. Love the vibration and the buzz of the city: the speed, the tricks, the adrenalin and the smell of the skidded tyre after hill bombing. In my civil life I have a full-time job as a publication editor for a medical publishing company, supplemented by occasional editing and graphics work.