I am Peter Lakatos, I was born in 1983 in Budapest, but I grew up in the countryside not far from the capital. I studied forestry, and after gaining a degree in horticulture, moved back to Budapest where I have been working as a sommelier and wine merchant for over 10 years now. Cycling has been a crucial part of my life since childhood. In 2013, I have changed my roadie for a track bike. It was around this time when I met the members of the team who – although a decade younger than me - helped to me to adjust to city traffic riding a bike without brakes. Since then I have worked for Fixed Broz as a brand manager. I get on very well with the enthusiastic and passionate Gábor, while constantly brainstorming and discussing ideas with the team. I am charmed by the vibration of this city, like the rush of the traffic, but when I’m riding alone my heart always pulls me back onto forest paths.