Hey, I’m Simon Mayer, I was born in Szentes in 1995, and moved to Budapest seven years ago. I love this city because it can be chill and energetic at the same time. After six years of doing BMX, I wanted to cover more distance, and felt it’s about time to try something new, while keeping the feelings from BMX intact. One of my friend was part of the National track cycling team, and I borrowed his fixie to try it out. It was love at the first sight, and I knew this is what I wanted, so soon afterwards, I constructed mine. I’ve met with the Fixed Broz crew back in 2014, and we got along almost immediately, so we started riding together. In the first week of 2017 I got an offer from them to become a part of their team, which I accepted with pleasure. Currently I’m studying to be a graphic designer, so I’ll try to bring great new ideas and works for the team. Every possible chance, I try to ride my bike, since this is my escapism. It’s quicker, better and just more liberating than anything else out there.