I am Zoltán Szalóki, I was born in Budapest in 1992. I am currently a front officer at a conference centre and wellness hotel outside the capital. I have always been attracted to extreme cycling. I had been riding my BMX for five years, when I met Gábor and Róbert. Thanks to them, I had a chance to experience how nice it is to ride a fixie. After selling my BMX, I bought Gábor’s frameset, and built my first fixed gear bicycle. Later, after the foundation of the Fixed Broz, each of us started to construct more complex bicycles, and that is how our work together began. I am responsible with the team’s social media presence and communications. I can’t imagine being in the traffic of Budapest without my bicycle, I love the feeling of the intense city-buzz and hill bombing – my ultimate goal is to experience all this in San Francisco..